ISIS ‘interested’ in India, says Indian doctor rescued from Libya; recounts his ordeal



Recounting his ordeal, an Indian doctor, K Ramamurthy after being freed from Islamic State (ISIS) in Libya, said that the terrorist organisation is keeping an eye on the development of education and economy in India and wants to push their ideology in the country.
Rescued from the Islamic State prison on February 14, Dr Ramamurthy in an interview to a news agency said that ISIS people are educated youngsters and know everything about India’s growth. “They wanted to spread the ideology of their nation to other parts of the world, including India,” he said.
Ramamurthy thanked the Indian Government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the National Security Advisor, and other officials for extending their support towards his release from ISIS.
Ramamurthy also told that he met other Indians as well who were in kept in jail by the ISIS in Sirte.
Talking about the inhuman conditions in Libya, he said that, “ISIS people forced us to watch videos of what they did to Iraq, Syria, Nigeria & other places. It was a bit difficult to watch them”.
Ramamurthy further reveals that the organisation taught them about Islam, their rules and regulations for at least two months. He adds that the prisoners were regularly shifted from one base to another when the Libyan military declared war against ISIS.
The doctor says that though the ISIS did not physically harm him, but asked him to perform surgery for them.
During Ramadan last year, he was asked to come and work in one of their hospitals which Ramamurthy declined attributing to his old age, back pain and right leg nerve pain. “I told them I was an old man and I could not stand for more than 15 minutes at a stretch,” the doctor said.
He was later pulled out of the Mahakama jail and shifted again when he told the ISIS people that he was not allowed to operate as he was not a surgeon.
Abducted by Islamic State militants in Libya nearly 18 months back, Ramamurthy was shot three times, before he was rescued by the by the Libyan forces. Indian embassy lifted him off the war zone in Libya on February 14.

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