Kejriwal cheated on me too: Delhi autorickshaw, taxi unions begin campaign against CM



New Delhi: Back in 2013 and again in 2015, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal found a strong ally in the autorickshaw and taxi drivers. His idea of being a common man fighting for truth especially appealed to them and hence almost each of these vehicles carried posters which appealed people to vote for him. Now in 2017, after more than two years of being under the Common man leader, it seems the very same people are severely critical about Arvind Kejriwal. New posters have been attached to a few autorickshaw which carry posters stating that Kejriwal cheated on them and then lists a number of issues that he promised to rectify but has not worked towards it. A classic sign of protest, these autorickshaw posters instead support Kapil Mishra, the former minister who was debarred from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).
The posters on display firstly begins with ‘Haan, Mujhe bhi Kejriwal ne dhokha diya hain’ meaning, ‘Yes, Kejriwal cheated on me too’, a bold statement against the Chief minister otherwise known to be the bastion of honesty and anti-corruption. While this gets the attention of the people, the poster then further lists the various unfulfilled poll promises of Arvind Kejriwal.
The first in this list is Burari Transport Authority. An August 2015 report states that the AAP government was planning to develop the Burari Transport Authority into a modern infrastructure model. They promised that CCTVs will be installed and central payment systems will be initiated which will remove third person involvement and entrance of touts and brokers will be restricted. But the posters claim that Burari Transport Authority is still a hub of touts and brokers.
The second in this list is Kejriwal cheated the autorickshaw drivers in the name of Autorickshaw stand. Initially there were promises of proper Autorickshaw stands for the autorickshaw and AAP tried showing full support to the auto drivers. But after two years of AAP rule, the auto drivers realised that their dream of a safe harbor for their vehicles will remain a dream indeed, as the government has not only failed to provide them with proper stands, but also haev been involved in innumerable cases of corruption. This was a case which was taken up by the Swaraj India party and they led a protest against the CM and his false promises.
The poster also states how the financiers who harass the auto drivers are still operating without fear. The AAP government promised to book such financiers and stop teh harassment of the drivers initially. Apart from that it also involved the cases of bribe. When AAP initially came back they displayed their anti-corruption stand by asking the auto drivers to make videos of any official asking bribe and promised action against them. And that they did initially, but as time passed, the AAP government failed to keep up with the promises and displeased the base voters, that is the common man.
These posters, however, seems to have a different agenda when they end with their appeal to the people to join with Kapil Mishra. While it is known that Mishra was fired from the party on charges of corruption, this campaign seems like more of a counter-attack by his supporters. While there is no official acceptance by the Kapil Mishra faction that they are indeed responsible for the campaign, and the posters say that all the Delhi Autorickshaw drivers and taxi drivers are with Kapil Mishra, we need to take that with a pinch of salt.

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