Plastic sugar creates panic in Bengaluru after plastic rice, probe ordered



Bengaluru: After plastic rice that was being sold in markets in Uttarakhand’s Haldwani, a probe has been ordered after sugar made of plastic flooded the Bengaluru markets. Plastic sugar has created a panic among Bengaluru residents and they are now exercising caution while buying the commodity in the city. A probe has been ordered to find out how sugar was adulterated. After plastic rice and eggs, plastic sugar has flooded the Karnataka markets. In a week, two incidents of plastic food has been reported from Gadag and Tumkur.
According to the reports, a family in Gadag discovered the plastic sugar when they boiled water and added sugar in it to make tea. “I added sugar to boiling water to make tea. I stepped out of the kitchen to take care of other errands but within minutes smoke started emanating from the kitchen, I rushed to see what had happened and I saw the vessel blackened with a mass stuck to the bottom. We checked the sugar and found that there were plastic crystals in it. We tested it multiple times and each time we added sugar to the water and brought it to a boil, particles would float and turn black,” said a resident of Gadag, reported.
According to the reports, the family has demanded that the shop which sold them adulterated sugar be shut down. “What about the health of people? Sugar is an essential commodity and we use it every day. Why are the authorities mum over plastic being mixed in a commodity that is consumed by infants and seniors alike? We demand that the sugar factories be shut down and action initiated against those responsible for this,” said a resident of Gadag.
Another resident of Bengaluru, Shivakumar lodged a complaint against a general shop owner in Hassan in Karnataka, over mixing the plastic crystals with sugar. According to the reports, district incharge Arakalagod Manju visited the shop and Food Safety Department has collected sugar samples for lab tests.
“This looks like a massive racket. Plastic is being found in rice and sugar. We will look into the matter seriously. We have ordered a probe to find out where plastic was mixed with sugar if it was directly from the factory or from retail shop owners,” said Karnataka’s Food and Civil Supplies Minister, UT Khader.

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