Punjab woman alleges torture in Saudi Arabia, seeks AAP MP Bhagwant Mann’s help in video



Forced to work as a slave and stay in Dawadmi city of Saudi Arabia, a Punjab women has accused her employers of physical abuse and expressed fear that she might be killed.
Dawadmi town falls in Riyadh Province and is located 200 kms west of Riyadh – Capital of the oil-rich nation.
A video, in which the woman is narrating the horrific torture in Saudi Arabia, has gone viral on social media. The woman with tears rolling down her eyes was sharing her painful experience. She appeals to the Aam Aadmi Party’s Sangrur MP Bhagwant Mann to rescue her.
The victim says that she belongs to a very poor family and had come to Dawadmi town of Saudi Arabia a year ago.
“Bhagwant Maan Sahab please help me. I am in pain here. I am in a trouble. I am being tortured from the past one year. You had also rescued a Hoshiarpur girl. Please rescue me as well. I am like your daughter. Please help me. I am badly trapped here. I never knew that this will happen to me”, says the victim in the video.
She also says that the Saudi police did not help her.
The victim while narrating the ill treatment meted out to her by her employers has also accused Saudi police of insulting her.
“I am denied food for days. I am being physically tortured. They lock me up in a room. Somehow, I had managed to reach the police for help. I was ill-treated by police officials as well. They kicked me out from the station and I awas gain thrown back in the same house,” says the woman while narrating her ordeal in the video.
The woman who appears to be around 20 to 22 years of age says, she is married and has children too. Her mother is unwell and has to undergo an operation. She also wants to return home and fears that she might be killed.
“I have children too. I want to go back to them. My mother is unwell, and she has to undergo an operation. Please help me. I don’t want to live here. Rescue me from here. I’m being physically tortured. Look at me, these people are very cruel and inhuman”, she says.
The woman has also warned the men and women in Punjab to not to come to Saudi Arabia.
“These people are very dirty. I advise my brothers and sisters to not to even think about coming here. I have seen very bad days”, says the tortured victim.
The Punjabi speaking woman has neither revealed her name, nor the name of her her native place in Punjab.

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