Teenager held guilty for attack on Modi’s rally in Bihar sent to 3 years remand in a special home



A teenager was held guilty on Wednesday by the Juvenile Justice Board for being involved in two terror attacks including the one at Hunkar rally in October 2013. The teenager has been given 3 years remand in a special home.
Hunkar rally was held in October 2013 in Bihar by the then Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. Modi was addressing the gathering in Gandhi Maidan as a series of blasts were triggered in which 6 people died. The blasts left 89 people injured.
The Juvenile Justice Board has also found the teenager guilty for the blasts in Bodh Gaya. He was held guilty by the Board for conspiracy to carry out serial bomb blasts in both the cases.
At the moment, it is not known if the sentence of 3 years each would be carried out separately concurrently.
In July same year, the teenager was found in conflict with the law with his role in the Bodh Gaya.
A total of 13 bombs were planted out of which 10 bombs exploded and 3 live bombs were recovered and got defused. It appeared that the bomb blasts were carried out with an intention to kill innocent people including foreign pilgrims, especially Buddhists in order to create terror at a place of worship.
Though held guilty, the teenager is likely to get off because of his age.
The boy was said to be a 15-16 year old when he took part in the conspiracy and has been held guilty of waging war against the nation. Though, in the past there have been debate about treating 16 year old on par with adults, the law protects such adults involved in heinous acts of terror.
Indian Mujahideen was blamed for the terror acts in both cases. 11 accused persons have been arrested in the Patna serial bomb blast case and 6 accused have been arrested in the Bodh Gaya serial bomb blasts case. The trial in both the cases is in advanced stage and judgments are expected soon.

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