To avenge humiliation, minor girl burnt alive in Bihar



In a horrendous incident, a Class 9 girl fell prey to a long-standing feud between two families when she was burnt alive in Samastipur, Bihar. The girl sustained severe burns on her body and ultimately succumbed while undergoing treatment in hospital.
Reportedly, the victim had narrated the entire scenario to police before taking her last breath. The death of the girl has sparked outrage among the local residents, who have showed their angst by blocking the roads and staging protests.
The offender fled the scene after executing the crime and is still on the run. Vidyapati Nagar police is probing the matter and the manhunt is underway.
According to the sources, there was enmity between the two families living in the Harpur Bochaha village of Samastipur. Sunil Kumar once opposed the unlawful activities of his neighbour Nandu Rai’s son Amit Kumar and acted as an alibi in a police case against him.
Seeking revenge on Sunil Kumar, Amit Kumar barged into his house where he found Sunil’s daughter Akansha alone. After tying her hands and feet, Amit poured kerosene oil all over her and set her on fire.

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